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Plastic Garbage Size 45 Cm X 60 Cm

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11 Sep 2023
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PASTIK WASTE or PLASTIC WASTE or HOSPITAL WASTE PLASTIC is a special large size plastic that is specifically used as a trash can in government offices, hospitals and factories. We sell them in various sizes, such as:
- Size 45 cm x 60 cm
- Size 60 cm x 100 cm
- Size 80 cm x 120 cm
- Size 100 cm x 120 cm

1.Black Garbage Bag
Black garbage bags are used to accommodate non-medical types of waste. Non-medical waste is waste that comes from non-medical activities, for example: kitchen, office, garden and yard waste. This non-medical waste is expected to be able to be recycled into useful goods.

2.Medical Garbage Bag
As the name implies, medical waste bags are garbage bags made for medical waste. What is meant by medical waste here is waste generated from medical activities, for example: drugs, laboratory waste and so on. In contrast to non-medical waste bags, medical waste bags consist of various colors. In great detail the Decree of the Minister of Health in 2004 mentions the color of the medical waste bags used.

The Ministerial Decree states the following:

a. Yellow medical waste bag for infectious waste and pathological waste.
Infectious waste is waste related to patients who need to isolate infectious diseases. Infectious waste can be a cause of transmission of disease from nurses, visitors, or other patients. While pathological waste is waste body tissue that is wasted from the surgical or autopsy process.

b. Brown medical waste bag for pharmaceutical waste
What is meant by pharmaceutical waste here is drugs that have expired.

c. Purple medical waste bag for cytotoxic waste.
Cytotoxic waste comes from chemotherapy activities carried out on patients

d. Medical waste bags are red for radioactive waste.
Radioactive waste is waste that comes from medical use or research in the laboratory and is associated with radioactive substances.

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